OK OK… so I am *little* late on this blog post (ahem like 3 weeks late) but in case you didn’t know, I’ve had a MAJOR case of the Eff-its lately and lucky for you, these lessons are classics!  So whether you read about them 2 weeks ago, today, tomorrow, or 5 months from now, they will still apply.  So check them out!


1. Mike Robertson – “Corrective exercise is anything in your toolbox.”

I love this quote by Mike because it’s so true!  Everyone likes to think “corrective” exercise is just doing little isolation movements with tubing and thera-bands, when in fact, corrective exercise should be anything that you do to get better stronger and improve your posture, alignment, and movement patterns.  Corrective exercise can be breathing drills, mobility work, stability/motor control training, strength training, stretching, etc.


2. Lee Taft – “Movement should be reflexive.”

Lee showed some really cool videos of kids doing speed drills.  In the first video, they reacted reflexively, and in the second they were cued to do what many Coaches think the kids are “supposed” to do to be fast.  It was very clear that when the kids were allowed to react reflexively and do what came naturally, they were not only more at ease and more able to concentrate on the task at hand, but they were much quicker as well!


3. Bill Hartman – “The diaphragm has direct connections to the neck, spine, ribcage, and hips.  It’s ‘kind of’ a big deal.”

So… part of me thinks ‘nuff said with this quote… but I’ll expand a bit.  As my part Jim Laird said, “The diaphragmatic breathing we have been doing with our clients over the last 6 months has made a bigger impact on the way they move and feel than anything else we’ve implemented in the last 5 years.”  BOOM.


4. Pat Rigsby – “If you don’t have the motivation to go out and be the best in your area, you’re in the wrong niche.”

Be motivated to be really, really good at what you do, or do something else.  You are doing yourself and your clients a disservice if you’re not interested in being awesome as your job.


5. Rick Huse –  “A kettlebell is like a pencil, low tech and high concept.”

Rick talked a lot about the origin of kettlebells and the quote above really stuck out to me.  Americans often look for very high tech, complicated solutions to problems that may just have very simple solutions.  Solutions that are so simple we cannot see them. =)


6. Chris Mohr – “Everyone asks me about supplements, no one asks me about food.”

I’ve heard Dr. Morh say this before and it’s so true!  Supplements are just that, a SUPPLEMENT to a proper nutrition/training program.  Make sure you have a solid nutrition foundation before you start worrying about fancy schmancy supps.


7. Dan John – “Everything works!  For about 6 weeks.”

This is another oldie but goody that I absolutely love.  People will often start new training programs and think they are the greatest things in the whole world because they work well… and then after about 4-8 weeks, progress slows to a screeching halt and frustrates the heck out of the person.


8. Molly Galbraith – “Beware of your ‘Fighting Pants.'”

OK so I didn’t learn this at the Midwest Seminar… but I didn’t post any pictures from the Midwest Seminar, so I figured I’d post a picture of my “Fighting Pants” as my lovely workout partner so aptly named them.  

Curious why?  Because I got in a fistfight the last time I wore them.  

Yes.  A fistfight.  With another girl.  

No, she was not a sibling.  Classy, right?  In my defense, she was drunk and apparently angry about how *AWESOME* my pants were, and she kicked me first.  So I took care of bid-ness.

So yeah, that’s all.  Beware of wearing really awesome pants.  You might get in a fistfight.  You’re welcome.

P.S.  These pants WILL make another appearance before the year is over.  I have to be extra careful not to let any more sequins fall off though.  I feel like it’s obviously my duty to preserve them for posterity. 

P.P.S.  I feel like an addendum should be made to this post:  I was 16 when the “Fighting Pants” incident occurred.  So it’s slightly less embarrassing. 


Apparently some things are worth fighting for. See what I did there?


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