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Earlier in the week, I discussed 7 of my favorite all-natural beauty products, mostly in the realm of skincare.  Today I am back with 5 more that I love for my teeth/mouth and yes, you guessed it, my armpits.

Isn’t that the glorious thing about having a blog?  You can write publicly about the status of your armpits and:

1. Not be embarrassed.

2. Assume that people actually care…?

Oh, the humanity!

Without further ago, 5 more products I am currently using:

8. Tom’s Whole Care Toothpaste

I am an absolute FREAK when it comes to dental care.  I brush multiple times a day, I floss daily, and would go see the dentist every month if I could.

Love. The. Dentist.

TRUE STORY!  I guess I am trying to make up for the 7 week time period when I was 6 years old where I thought it was cool NOT to brush your teeth and I thought it was even cooler to tell EVERYONE I knew. (O_o)  No clue how I had any friends… but that’s neither here nor there.

– What I love about this product: Nothing in particular other than the spearmint flavor is pretty tasty and it leaves my teeth feeling clean and shiny.

– Where you can get it:  Anywhere.  I have seen it at Whole Foods, Kroger, our local Co-op…just about anywhere that toothpaste is sold.


9. Dental Herb Company Tooth & Gum Tonic

See above. =)

– What I love about this product: Nothing in particular.  The taste is so-so, but it gets the job done, and leaves me with a clean and healthy mouth.

– Where you can get it: CLICK HERE to buy some.


10. KAL Activated Charcoal

As you can imagine, an obsession with clean teeth also means wanting them to be pretty and white.  Not unnaturally, blinding white, just healthy-wow-she-must-floss-daily-white.   That’s where this stuff comes in.  Read here to see exactly how to use it.



Uh huh. You know dats right.


CAUTION:  My teeth did feel a little sensitive the day after I used it for the first time.  Nothing crazy, but worth noting.  Also, make sure you get it all off of your teeth, otherwise, your teeth will become a magnet for everything you don’t want (coffee, tea, wine, etc).

– What I love about this product: Umm…It whitens my teeth well for cheap!  Duh.

– Where you can get it: CLICK HERE to buy the cheapest teeth whitener ever!


11. Badger Lip Balm

This is where my obsessed with nice teeth and moisturized skin meet.  Your lips are a frame for your teeth, and thus, to have a nice smile, you should have moisturized lips!  In September of 2009, my lips actually started hurting and peeling for no particular reason.  I thought maybe I had gotten sunburned while I was outside walking one day, but it didn’t feel better for several weeks and no matter how much lip balm I used, they kept hurting and peeling.  One day I saw this lip balm at the co-op and picked some up.  I ditched all my other lip balms and started using only this and my lips went back to normal and have felt awesome ever since.  I still use my MAC Lipglass occasionally, but other than that, Badger is all I use.


My favorite stuff for keeping my lips soft and smooth!

– What I love about this product:  Makes my lips feel soft and moist, but not greasy.  It also absorbs well, and the unscented had 4 ingredients: olive oil, castor oil, beeswax, and rosemary extract.

– Where you can get it: CLICK HERE to find the lip balm (they have tons of other products too, but I haven’t tried them…yet!)


12. Thai Crystal Deodorant

Everyone knows that a girl who loves to hit the gym better have a good deodorant (if she also wants to have friends, that is)!  I’ve been leery of anti-perspirants for a while, because as my friend Jen Sinkler discusses on her website, they can be linked to some bad stuff.

Personally, I am not much of a sweat-er.  Even when I do a kick-ass workout, I rarely find myself getting very sweaty.  It’s actually a bit frustrating, because I like to sweat.  I have wondered if this could be linked to my Hashimoto’s and low body temperature…?  Hmm… just hypothesizing here.

Anyway, even though I don’t sweat much, I still have to worry about being stinky.  The Thai Crystal Deodorant is pretty good for keeping stink at bay, at least for a several hours.  They have a roll-on product as well, but if you’re even the slightest bit stinky when you use the roll-on, your stink “sticks” to the roll-on, and it’s kinda ruined from there on out. =(

So yeah, this is my current deodorant of choice, although after reading Jen’s article, I may look into other products.  Rememer, this product only helps with odor, not sweat.  So if you sweat a lot, you might want something else.

– What I love about this product: It’s made with only mineral salts and water, and it gets the job done just fine most days. I’m not devoted to it by any means, but it works for now!

-Where you can get it: CLICK HERE to get the Thai Crystal spray.


There you go!  5 more natural beauty products that will keep your mouth and your armpits so fresh and so clean CLEAN!  (clearly two very important areas to look after!)



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