All I have to say is wow.

The response from my two blog posts last week was absolutely overwhelming.  Never in a million years did I expect a response like that.  I am so grateful to each and every one of you that read, shared, posted, liked, and commented on my blogs.  Without you, it would not have reached *nearly* as many people as it did last week.  I thank you all for that. 

In case you missed them, here is Part 1 and here is Part 2.

The best part about last week? It’s not like I just happened to stumble upon a subject that people kind of liked.  It’s not like I wrote another one of the zillion articles out there about “hot abz” or “sexy glutes” or whatever.  Not that there is anything wrong with those articles.  In fact, I have written article like that, and they can be super informative and helpful.

My absolute favorite part about last week’s blogs, is that I was able to verbalize exactly what my life’s mission is, and exactly what mark I want to leave on the world, only to find out that there is a huge void to be filled, and people are desperate for it.  I have the opportunity to help hundreds, if not thousands of women (and men) learn to: 

…Give themselves GRACE and COMPASSION when it comes to their bodies, and help them discover and accept what their best body looks like, without having to kill themselves to get it.


Yep. All day, errrrrrrryday.

Yep. All day, errrrrrrryday.


How cool is that?

In realizing how desperate people are for this kind of information, I did a little searching and came up with several blog posts and a podcast that really touches on this exact subject ina cool way, and I wanted to share them with you.  My thought is that every time I find a new article or podcast that touches on these subjects, I can update this list and this can be an awesome hub for this kind of information!


Beautiful and Bootyfull: Molly Galbraith, Sirena Bernal and Damian Brown

Subject: All about body image, how it shapes what we look and feel like, strength training and the masculine and feminine energies, and tips for learning to more accepting of your body. 


Cellulite: It’s Time We All Just Get The Hell Over It with Go Kaleo

Subject: Ummm… yeah.  I think the title explains it all. =)


Dear Self, You Look Damn Good Today with Jen Comas Keck 

Subject: Jen Comas Keck discusses negative self talk and how the things we say to ourselves can not only affect our mind, but our body as well. 


Oops I Did It Again… Well Almost by Dr. Brooke Kalanick Larson

Subject:  Dr. Brooke discusses the pressure and scrutiny she has felt working as a Naturopath who focuses on female fat loss, specifically for women with Hashimoto’s and PCOS.  

***Dr. Brooke and I have actually launched a full-fledged coaching program for women with Hashimoto’s.  Read more about it here


Well, that should keep you busy for a while!  Check back regularly as I add more articles and podcasts to this list!  And share this with your friends!  You never know who might be silently suffering from self-doubt and insecurities. 



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