It’s been a looooong 10 years.

It was just over 10 years ago that I found myself at 19 years old, overweight and unhappy with how I looked and felt.  It was at that moment in February of 2004 that I decided I wanted to make a change.

I hired a trainer, starting eat “better” (OK so I started eating more yogurt and drinking Gatorade instead of soda, but it was a start!)

185 lbs. and not feeling so hot about myself.

185 lbs. and not feeling so hot about myself.

Fast forward 10 years and I’ve competed in Figure, dabbled in Powerlifting, co-founded a gym, trained hundreds of clients online and in-person, started a blog, started multiple online fitness businesses, written for some of the biggest fitness websites on the planet, spoken, presented, and coached alongside some of the brightest minds in the industry at seminars and huge conferences, put together a fitness information resource for group training with two brilliant minds that has sold hundreds of copies worldwide…

And I feel like I’m just getting started.

I’m not saying these things to brag.  I’m saying these things to let you know that I’ve been exposed to many different training environments, coaches, philosophies, styles, and programs.

I’ve followed dozens of programs from bright coaches.  I’ve trained for fat loss, pure strength, hypertrophy/muscle gain, overall performance, and physique enhancements, and I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.


I've done a LOT of cool stuff.

I’ve done a LOT of cool stuff.


Women from all over the world seek my expertise for different reasons.  They want to lose fat, get more toned, see their abs, do a chin-up, squat their body weight, fit into their old jeans… they all have different ideas of what they want.

But once I ask question after question, hacking away at the fluff, what I find is that most women just want to look better, feel better, and feel strong and capable.

The problem?  They fall at either end of the training spectrum.  They eat junk and do nothing or they run themselves into the ground daily in the name of health and fitness.

You see, it’s extremely popular and trendy right now to be #BEASTMODE #24/7 #NODaysOff #SleepWhenYou’reDead and #Dedicated.

It’s intimidating the hell out of the women who want to get started working out but don’t know how, and it’s pushing the others to the absolute brink of exhaustion because they’re sold this bundle of BS that tells the it’s the only way to reach their goals.

I can’t tell you the number of women who come to me seeking my help who are currently doing nothing, and when I talk to them about working out 2-3 days a week, and changing their diet – they refuse to believe that it will “work.”


It’s more than you’re doing now, right?  And it’s sustainable and sane, so you can be consistent with it, right?  And you’re getting the most bang-for-your-buck with your workouts, right?

Other women contact me and they aren’t happy with the results of their 6 day/week (sometimes twice a day) WOD’s/marathon training/yoga/powerlifting/bodybuilding.  These women are training 10+ hours a week, eating very little, and still not getting the results they desire, and they are simply exhausted.

There’s simply no balance.  No moderation.  No sanity.  No sustainability.

What these women (on both ends of the spectrum) don’t realize is that there IS a specific formula that we KNOW works to help women look and feel their best.  We know this formula, and the best part about it?  It’s reasonable and sustainable and it’s EFFECTIVE.

It’s taken me a while to figure it out, but now that I know what it is, I’m never going back.  I’m never going back to absolutely killing myself in the gym, over-stressing my body and feeling like garbage.

I’m never going back to a time when my self-worth was defined by my body-fat levels and my day was determined by how my abs looked in the mirror.

I’m never going back to the day where I skip birthday parties and family events and vacations because I’m scared of what food might be there, and scared I’ll feel deprived or worse, out-of-control.

So what’s this formula look like?  It’s simple.

    1. Pure Strength Training 3 days a week – Generally a full body, upper/lower, or push/pull/lower body split works well here.
    2. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) 1-2 days a week – This should last approximately 5 – 15 minutes, and should be very intense.
    3. Moderate Intensity Cardio (MIC) 1-2 days a week – This should last approximately 30 minutes and your heart rate should remain in the 120-150 beats per minute range the whole time.

**Some of these workouts can be done on the same day to allow for 2-3 full days off per week, and some can be altered slightly based on your current situation, goals, etc.  But in general, this is what works for most women to look and feel their absolute best.

In addition to this formula, there are a few other critical components you must take into account to maximize your results, your energy level, and your health:

    1. Nutrition – You must eat whole, nutrient-dense food 80-90% of the time, and you must make room in your life for the indulgent foods you absolutely love.  This is the only way that you will be able to sustain a healthy eating program forever.
    2. Sleep – You absolutely must get 7-9 hours of sleep ever night in a cold, dark room.  You should also avoid artificial light from electronics (TVs, computers, iPads, phones, etc.) 1-2 hours before bed (take a bath and read a book, yo!)
    3. Sunshine – Try to get consistent, moderate amounts of sunshine appropriate for your skin tone and NEVER burn.  20-ish minutes a day is good for most people. There’s a reason that the sun shining instantly boosts your mood.  It’s good for you!
    4. Stress Management – Most people don’t realize that their body doesn’t know the difference between running from a bear, overdrawing their bank account, taking a 90 minute spin class, and running from a bear.  Seriously.  The stress response is the same.  Learn how to manage your stress appropriately, and not only will you recover more quickly between workouts, but you’ll sleep better, have more energy, and crave less junk food. Win-Win-Win!

So there you have it!  The EXACT formula to look better and feel better forever!

And you know what’s even better?  That I’ve spent the last 9 months of my life pouring all of this information into a very specific program designed JUST FOR YOU (you know, women who want to look and feel amazing with minimal time and effort) and it’s available NOW.  It will walk you through everything step-by-step so you know exactly what to do, so you feel completely confident that everything you do gets you one step closer to your goals.  I’m so proud to present:

The Modern Woman’s Guide To Strength Training. 

I seriously can’t tell you how much of my heart and soul I’ve poured into this.  I spent last night crying as I was looking over everything I’ve put together (with my awesome team of course).  But seriously, it’s absolutely incredible.  I’ve devoted almost a year of my life to creating this resource and I couldn’t be more proud to show it to you.

I get dozens of emails from women every week begging for help.  They can’t afford to hire me, but they’re desperate.  Where do they turn?  What do they do?  Can I PLEASE, PLEASE help them?

And now I have.

Please check this resource out.  You’ll absolutely love it (and if you don’t… there’s a 60 day money back guarantee.  Boom!  No risk!)

Oh! And one more thing – if you love it (you will!) and if you BUY TODAY (you should!) — you’ll be rewarded with our Fast Action Bonus and you’ll get our Modern Woman’s Guide to Conditioning TOTALLY FREE!

This guide breaks down exactly what types of cardio you should be doing, and EXACTLY how much based on your goals.  There are different and specific recommendations for time-crunched folks, those who want fat loss, those who want muscle gain, and those who just want to look and feel their healthiest.

Plus, we show you EXACTLY how to lay it all out throughout the week to make sure you get plenty of time to recover so you’re fresh for your workouts.  Get your Modern Woman’s Guide To Strength Training Program and snag this awesome FREEBIE TODAY!

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