Hi Guys! So you got a little introduction to me above, but let me tell you a little bit more. First and foremost, I’m on a journey and a mission, and it involves helping people, especially women.  Like me, that mission is always evolving and growing, but right now, here’s what it looks like: “Help women discover and accept what their best body looks like, without having to kill themselves to get there.  And once they discover that, I want to help them have grace and compassion about it.”

So how do I help women do this?  A couple of ways:

Girls Gone Strong


GGS logo

I am co-founder of Girls Gone Strong, a movement started in 2011 by seven women who wanted to change the landscape of nutrition and training information for women.  Fast forward 2.5 years, and it’s a REVOLUTION! You can find our amazing information-packed website found here.  And you can join our incredible Facebook Community with 108,000 other like-minded people right here.  And just to top things off, you can follow us on Twitter for all of our good information and fun antics. We have very big plans for Girls Gone Strong for the future, so keep your eyes peeled.  In the meantime, be sure to “like” us on Facebook, and check back to our website often as we are constantly posting new articles.

Galbraith Online Coaching

I also run a distance coaching program online.  I design customized nutrition programs, training programs, or both, depending on your needs.  I only accept a small number of clients, and there is a generally a waiting list. If you would like to know more about my coaching program, please email me at: GalbraithOnlineCoaching@gmail.com

J&M Strength and Conditioning




4 years ago I co-founded J&M Strength and Conditioning, one of the premiere facilities in the country for training women.  I recently stepped away from J&M in order to focus my full attention on growing both Girls Gone Strong and MollyGalbraith.com, but if you’re looking for some of the world’s best in-person coaching, look no further than J&M.

Oh, and if you want to know even more about me, check out these links to the articles I mentioned in the video: It’s Hard Out Here For A Fit Chick Part 1 It’s Hard Out Here For A Fit Chick Part 2