[Note from Molly:  If you follow my blog or my Facebook page regularly, you know that I’m a huge fan of having a positive body image, mindset, and perspective, and changing your body from a place of love, not hate.Continue reading

Hi, my question: since having my 2nd baby (2.5 years ago) my rib cage still seems to be flared up, doesn’t lie flat down and seems to prevent my waist and tummy from getting flat – is there anything IContinue reading

Today I have a wonderful guest post from one of my favorite people, Lucy Hendricks.  Lucy did a short internship under my business partner Jim Laird while she was in school, and is currently finishing up a longer, more in-depthContinue reading

Hey Everyone! So I have a real treat for you guys today!  A few years ago I wrote an article for EliteFTS.com titled, 4 Basis Exercises Most People Perform Incorrectly.  It was my first article for them and it endedContinue reading

Today I am going to do something I haven’t done before with my blog… I will have my first guest blog post!  This guest blog post was written by a remarkable man (and a Red Point Fitness nutrition client ofContinue reading