When you run a health, fitness, and lifestyle blog, you dish out a lot of advice.  From writing workouts, to giving nutrition advice, to answering reader questions, us bloggers sure do act like we know everything and we have itContinue reading

In this article series, I discuss how I left my old job to pursue a career in fitness full-time.   In part 1, I give you a glimpse into my personal journey into the fitness industry.   In part 2Continue reading

In Part 1 of this article, I discussed how I took the leap into concentrating on my fitness career full-time. In this article, I want to give you some information on what we did wrong, what we did right, andContinue reading

“Hey Molly! I just wanted to write and say that I am a huge fan of what you do, both on your personal blog, and with Girls Gone Strong.  I currently have a full-time job that is not in theContinue reading

  I know, I know… I’m a little late with this post.  I was supposed to post this at least a week ago like everyone else on the interwebz, but life got in the way and I actually took ::::GASP::::Continue reading

The holidays are upon us and that means for the next week or two we will be surrounded by friends, family, and tons of delicious and unhealthy food.  And if you know anything about me, you know that I’ll beContinue reading

With the holidays right around the corner (Holy Toledo! Christmas is in 11 days!)  everyone is hustling and bustling around trying to accomplish an inhuman amount of tasks in record time.  The last thing that any of us needs rightContinue reading

So I started to write a little blurb about this on my Facebook, and I still may, but I realized that I actually had more to say on the subject that I originally thought. This is a spur-of-the-moment blog postContinue reading

With Thanksgiving right around the corner and everyone sharing on Facebook their reasons for being thankful, I, of course, have been contemplating what exactly I have to be thankful for this year. If you follow my blog, you’re well awareContinue reading

This week’s reader question deals with something most women can relate to, and that is struggling to stay on track with their nutrition and training sometime before or during their period.   Obviously every woman has different experiences in regardsContinue reading