Note from Molly: Today’s post is by my buddy, Tony Gentilcore, who wants to share exactly how he has helped hundreds of women achieve their goals of nailing pull-ups and chin-ups. He’s also going to share some very exciting news withContinue reading

  Note from Molly: Today’s post is by my good friend, Jennifer Vogelgesang Blake, AKA JVB, who wants to share some important lessons she has learned since she started competing and coaching in powerlifting. She’s also going to share someContinue reading

  Note from Molly: I first met Lou in person 2012 at a Fitness Business Conference where he was a presenter, but it was not my first introduction to him as a fitness professional. The New Rules of Lifting seriesContinue reading

In Part 1 of this blog post, I discussed that the majority of people who start working out just want to look better and feel better.  In trying to do this, they often get lured into programs that aren’t appropriateContinue reading

I get questions from frustrated women (and men) on a regular basis asking me for advice to help them reach their goals.  They often send their current training and nutrition program and ask me to take a look, and askContinue reading

  Happy Spring y’all! It’s April and I couldn’t be more excited!  Warm weather is on it’s way and I have a few trips/vacations planned soon, so I am in a great mood. Speaking of warm weather and vacations, severalContinue reading

“Hi! I’m trying to find some information on doing hip thrusts – I’ve got all of Contreras’ stuff – the trouble I’m having is how to work with the weights between bare bar and 135. I can’t roll the barContinue reading

  “I have recently started to focus more on bigger lifts rather than using machines and dumbbells. I use mainly barbell exercises and have been doing heavy lifts mixed with metabolic resistance training.  I am used to doing more ofContinue reading

Earlier this week, I posted a question from Kayt Render about how often you should change up your workouts.  Before specifically addressing this question, I thought it was important to address something a lot of trainees ignore: whether or notContinue reading

In this weeks weekly reader question, I bring you a question from Kayt Render:  “I’m on a program of deadlifts, squats, bench press, and arms/shoulders with interval cardio, but after 8 months of this, I’m curious as to if/when IContinue reading