Thanks so much for your interest in my distance coaching.  I have a few options you can find below:Coaching Calls:

Coaching calls are a great way to get a few of your most burning questions answered, without having to commit to hiring a full-on Coach.  I am happy to answer most questions about the training, nutrition, lifestyle, sleep, and stress management techniques that I use with myself and my clients.

If you’d like to set up a coaching call, please inquire below and include your main question(s).  I’ll get back to you as soon as I can, and let you know if I think I can help and answer your question, and if I can’t, I’ll refer you to someone who can.

30 Minutes: $90

60 Minutes: $150


Distance Coaching (Training and/or Nutrition)


So what’s my online coaching group?  Great question! 

My online coaching group is a 6 month program that will arm you with everything you need to look and feel your absolute best, with the least amount of effort, and a ton of enjoyment along the way.  You’ll be given a customized training and nutrition program to help you reach your specific goals — along with tons of lifestyle, mindset, and body embracement tips to make sure that you’re super healthy and happy from the inside out.

You’ll have tons of access to me and support from not only me, but the other women in the coaching group.

I’ve trained clients online and in-person for years, but this is my first coaching GROUP, and I’m determined to make it a huge success.  I’m accepting a very small number of applicants (females-only) to ensure that the quality of the group is super high.

For only $347/month you can have me as your full-time coach and trainer.  That’s less than $12/day!

If you’re interested, shoot me a message and I’ll send you the application.  Remember, a limited number of applications are accepted, and once the group is closed, it’s closed until 2015, so don’t delay.

See what some of my coaching clients have to say here: 

Molly has helped me look and feel great with her nutrition services!  She developed a choice based nutrition plan that really took into account my lifestyle and needs as well as some of the foods I couldn’t live without.  Because it was so customized and I had several options every day, I didn’t get bored or overwhelmed with the meals and I NEVER felt like I was starving myself – because I wasn’t. She replaced my normal foods with nutritious, tasty alternatives.  With Molly’s expert meal planning, I dropped 2 pants sizes in a short amount of time, but more importantly, she showed me how to eat real food and stay healthy.”    – Diana V.


This is the first program that I’ve ever been able to stick to.  Molly makes it easy and dummy proof.  As a busy professional, finding something that was time efficient without starving myself was difficult to do….until I met Molly.  The best part of the program is that it’s customized for you. She does a comprehensive analysis and intake which allows her to build a program specific to your needs.  I love that I can do my workouts in about 45 minutes, at home…in front of the TV.  No expensive equipment needed. 

Learning the building blocks of nutrition makes your daily choices easy to follow.  No more counting calories.  I don’t even consider this a diet, it truly is a lifestyle change.  It’s a change that Molly makes easy to stick to.  I really don’t even care how much I weigh anymore.  As long as the inches keep falling off, and I keep having to buy smaller clothing.  I’m down 2-3 clothing size and I’m really happy.

The best part, my energy has shot through the roof.  I recommend Molly to anyone who comments on the physical changes they have seen in me, none of them have been disappointed.  Her nutrition and training is unparalleled.  Plus, we have fun while doing it!”  – Dr. Nicole Freels


Molly has been an excellent nutrition coach. I have lost inches (3.5 around my waist!), gained energy and strength, all while almost doubling my daily caloric intake. While I admit the idea of eating more in order to reach my goals seemed crazy at first, I trusted the process and have had great success. The best thing about Molly’s program is that it is realistic and maintainable. She has given me the skills to take control of my own nutrition plan as I reach goals and continue to set new ones.”  – Jen R.


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