Alright guys… it’s been a while since I have done a blog post.  I am positively SLAMMED with projects… all extremely exciting, but all very time consuming.  Also, I know I promise you guys the 12 Basic Exercises You’re Probably Screwing Up… but I have decided to go a different direction and I will reveal that as soon as all the pieces are in place, but I promise it will be way better than what I originally planned!  =)  Thanks for your patience!

 So… I must say I am extremely excited as I am about to head to London, Ohio for the EliteFTS Learn to Train Seminar.  

Last fall I was able to attend as well and I ended up being asked to help with the mobility station on the hands-on day.  There are 5 stations: bench, squat, deadlift, strongman, and mobility.  And you can imagine what every 300-ln Powerlifter’s least favorite station is… MOBILITY!  

So I will be everyone’s LEAST favorite person on Saturday… SAW-WEE!  😉

If you’ve never been to a LTT seminar, you are missing out!  It’s absolutely incredible!  It’s a day of lecture followed by a day of lifting being coached by some of the best in the world (no clue how I ended up being able to be a coach there *humbled*).  The best part? Proceeds go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation!  So cool!

I am really excited because in addition to the lecture on Friday and the hands-on stuff on Saturday, I am going up a day early to talk shop with Chiropractor Dr. Ryan Smith, and plan what kind of torture we are going to put everyone through at the mobility station.  ::::insert evil laugh here::::  

OK… as if all of this isn’t enough…on Sunday, there is what they call the UGSS or the Underground Strength Session.  This is where all of the sponsored lifters from Elite come and lift at the compound.  Last time I got some great coaching and I look forward to it again this time.



And FINALLY… my favorite part?  I get to stay with some of my favorite people in the world… Julia and Matt Ladewski!  Julia is a fellow Girls Gone Strong co-founder and one of my best friends!  I can’t wait to spend 3-4 days with her and Matt!

Well folks… that’s the update for now.  Sorry I have been a little MIA.  Like I said, I promise the stuff coming out in the next month or two will make the wait worthwhile!  In the meantime, keep checking back as I will be updating my blog with all the golden nuggets I learn at the LTT seminar! =)



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