Hey everyone!

Hope you all are having a good week so far.  I just wanted to first take a minute to thank you for reading my blog.  I absolutely love what I do, both with my in-person clients and also interacting with my online community and I am so grateful that out of all of the things in the world on which you could be spending your precious, non-renewable time, reading my blog is one of them.  Truly, sincerely, THANK YOU.

Secondly, I wanted to give you a quick update on something that is very, very exciting for me.  My first fitness product EVER launches today!  Holy moly I thought this day would never come!  Over the last 6 months, myself, my friend/training mentor/business partner Jim Laird, and my friend/coach/training mentor Mike Robertson have worked incredibly hard on an incredible project called Bootcamp in a Box.


About 7 months ago, MR asked me to write an article for his website.  I agreed, and decided that I would write it on how we use Mike’s style of corrective programming in our Bootcamps/Group Personal Training classes to make them ridiculously effective, and corrective (see what I did there?) at the same time.  I thought this would be an awesome article for his site for several reasons:


1. Jim and I have learned a ton from MR over the last several years and he’s been a big influence on our programming.

2. Jim and I (OK, let’s be honest, pretty much just Jim) is incredible at taking the extremely technical and specific things that Mike and Bill do at IFAST and figuring out how to best apply them in a Bootcamp/Group Personal Training Class setting…and I get to steal all of Jim’s ideas since he is my business partner! =)

3.  Using the principles we have learned from Mike and Bill, and combining them with decades of Jim’s knowledge in both the collegaite strength coach and private sector, we have been able to BLOW our business up in the last 2.5 years.  In fact, we have grown so fast that in less than 18 months we went from renting space at a local gym to having our own 7,500 square foot space!


And I wanted to share these things with MR’s readers, since I know many of them are trainers themselves.

Then came the problem…

Umm…very quickly my “guest blog post” hit about 5,000+ words.  Oops.

So I got to thinking and I decided that instead of just giving MR’s readers a 20,000 ft. view of what we do at our gym, why don’t we collaborate with MR and actually let these people inside our brains to see EXACTLY how we think, how we coach, and how we program.

So that’s what we did.

We went all out with this product and it’s absolutely chock-full of information that has taken the three of us decades and tens of thousands of dollars to learn, if not more.


Here is what BCIB contains:

1. A 200 page manual:

– describing why we created this product, our exact training philosophy and how it came about

– explaining how we design our class templates (daily, weekly, and monthly)

– every single exercise from the dynamic warm-up, to the strength moves to the conditioning moves with still shots, written cues, common mistakes, etc.

– coaching tips and tricks to you know when to regress an exercise (hint: it’s not always what you think!), what the common form flaws are for each movement pattern, how to modify exercises on the fly to make them easier or more difficult

– how to educate your clients about why you’re different from the other 20 Bootcamps in town

– how to integrate these principles into your program

– how to kick your client’s butts safely

– 6 months of done-for-you programming so you don’t have to think about it at all!



– we walk you through how every exercise should be performed

– we list 6 regressions/progressions for every major exercise pattern

– you get to hear and see MR coach and cue the exercises in real time


Plus, there are about a zillion bonuses from guys like Robb Wolf.  The bonuses include everything from how to get your clients to change their nutrition and lifestyle habits, to managing your group training clients to ensure they aren’t overtraining, to systems to help you build your business.

Yes, I am aware I sound like a crazy infomercial right now, but I am just so freaking excited to put this project out there.  I’ve been working so hard on it, and it’s SO GOOD!  I am just thrilled to have my name on it, and to be associated with such top-notch people in the industry.

So… if you currently run Bootcamps/Group Personal Training classes, this product is a no-brainer.  This will LITERALLY change the way Bootcamps are run.  The pendulum in the industry is swinging back to a less “insane” and more intelligent form of programming and if you don’t start doing this now, the pendulum is going to knock you on your butt and put you out of business.  You have the opportunity to be ahead of the curve, or behind the curve… but the curve is coming.  So be ready.

If you don’t, and you’re a one-on-one or semi-private trainer or coach, you could still definitely benefit from this product because you could be helping more people, leveraging your time more effectively, and making more money.  And if you got 1 new client for a month or two, this product would pay for itself.  Just a thought.

If you’re not a coach or trainer, no worries.  The product is probably not for you.  But if you’re money grows on trees, and you just want to buy it to support me — then you’re insane, but I have some beachfront property in Kansas I would like to talk to you about. =)


So yeah, that’s my pitch folks.  It’s awesome.  I am so proud of it.  I am so proud ot be associated with it.  I am SO FREAKING PROUD of how I truly believe it will be a game-changer for the Bootcamp industry.  I BEAM when I think about the number of people this will reach/touch/change the course of their lives, even in a small way.  

For every trainer that buys this program, they will likely help dozens if not hundreds of their clients stay safer and get healthier, and heck, they might even train some of their staff to do the same, and so on and so forth.  It reminds me of EliteFTS.com and Dave Tate’s mission of: Live. Learn. Pass On.

That’s what I am doing and I am so excited and proud! =)

Thanks for reading!


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