I recently posted on the Girls Gone Strong Facebook page telling a story about my “surprise strength training benefit.”  You can read it here:

The last time I went bowling (before last month) was probably 9-10 years ago (before I started lifting). I always remembered the bowling balls being SO HEAVY I would always look for an 8-10 lb. ball.

Last month I went bowling and hasn’t even thought about how much I had changed in the last 9 years, and when I went to pick up the ball it felt like a feather!! In fact, I flung it over my head and start overhead pressing it and doing windmills with it!

It felt so weird!

(NOTE: My sister-in-law reminded me that I actually went bowling in 2006, but I don’t remember it, so it doesn’t count! ;-D)

Fun with Kettleballs!

After an 80 lb. Turkish Getup, a bowling ball feels like a feather!

After an 80 lb. Turkish Getup, a bowling ball feels like a feather!


Then I posed the question:  “When has your strength surprised you in an “everyday situation?”

I got some awesome answers!  Check them out below!


  1. Nicola Murray I almost dropped my daughter while lifting her the other day. I went to toss her above my head (as you do with kids, obviously) and she was lighter than I anticipated. Good thing my reaction time has improved too!
  2. Carla Tang I have a 10 y/o chocolate lab with bad joints. After running the other day she was so sore she couldn’t get into bed and just cried. I figured I would at least try to pick her up though I had failed before. She felt very light albeit a bit awkward at her 80lbs!
  3. Stacie Larabell Now, when I’m doing some killer ab workout with my trainer, I remember when I couldn’t do even one full sit up 5 years ago.
  4. Amanda Meddaugh I can change those big ol’ 5 gallon water jugs at work all by myself. I used to need assistance =]
  5. Bobbejo Maynard Kohler It might sound stupid but I always pick lettuce by feel. The other day all the lettuce felt light. My husband starting laughing at me and said whats wrong is the lettuce light.
  6. Alma Mebar I was rushing to get into my cab that had arrived to take me to the train station. My very chunky and heavy 1-year old started crying so I picked her up to carry her on my left hip, while I grabbed my heavy suitcase with my right hand, and ‘ran’ down the stairs. Once in the cab I realized what I had done – and how easy and effortless it was! I did it so smoothly and without thinking, or breaking a sweat. A few months before that I would’ve had to do 2 trips up the stairs – one to get the suitcase and drag it down, and one to get my daughter, and would’ve been panting both times and sweating like crazy! It’s exactly in those moments that I remember why I train so hard.
  7. Anna Goska The first time I noticed it was when I stacked 5 loads of laundry (two tall baskets) on top of each other and carried them to the car without a problem. I was amazed!
  8. Joy Spaulding Every day! I just went to work in the field for our chimney business and hoisted the ladder off the truck…first time ever! Plus everything is easier, watering my horses, i curl the full 5 gallon buckets now!
  9. Karly Gomez 45lb sand bags that we have to load in the back of the pick-up during the winter months. I used to only be able to drag them out of the garage to the truck while my husband put them in the back. This time I was able to pick the bags up, host on my shoulder and throw in the back of the truck  I also notice it when hauling heavy yard bags to go to the dump.
  10. Carrie King-Myers When I went to lift a box. Thought I needed hubby but no, that was 10 yrs ago, I got this!
  11. Marie Shipp I was able to load and carry #50 bags of feed all through my pregnancy. It was fun shocking the boys at the feed store when I would help load my own feed, with a huge baby belly
  12. Diana Fisler Rototiller! I wrestled that thing with all my weight to till the garden when I was skinny. Then I got strong. I was so confused when it felt like a toy the next time I used it.
  13. Michelle L Hill When I threw a classmate last week in jujitsu and then got thrown like a piece of meat onto the mat….and then said…that felt good….
  14. Christina Doody I work at a restaurant. I used to have to change the soda syrup bags in the back. I used to barely be able to pick up the boxes. Last month, I picked up the box, carried it quite a distance, and hooked it up to the machine, with almost no problem! The guys can always do this with ease, but it was an accomplishment for me!
  15. Amber Lauren Kelly I work at pet store where we sell large bags of dog food and heavy buckets of salt water. I have always asked one of the guys to pick them up since the first time I tried I was reminded that I had the upper body strength of a newborn. Well the other day I decided to man excuse me, Girl up and try. I lifted that salt water bucket like it was the infant and smirked when the boys asked if I needed help carrying it out side!!!
  16. Saskia Schijf Grab my kids for fun and when they are bad behaving. I just put them on my shoulder for a squat or to carry them upstairs
  17. Georgia Rakusen I used to think I was strong, but nothing like I am now. I’ve been on the road with work exhibiting at trade shows. We have to unload the van, set up big flat screen TVs on heavy stands in the show, then carry everything back out and put it in the van. Usually I’m with a man who offers to do it, I let them help so as not to make them feel useless, but actually it is far easier and quicker for me to do it all by myself
  18. Claire Wood carrying shopping from the car . . its my everyday farmers walk . .
  19. Angela Reed Me and my hubby went bowling a few years ago had a great time decided to drive to the supermarket afterwards only to discover we still had our bowling shoes on ….we were in stitches laughing so much (not related to strength but funny)
  20. Lisa Callaghan-Goddard I regularly have to carry large boxes weighing upwards and 50lbs, many times lifting directly off the floor and more than one box at a time. Squatting heavy things has made this a breeze and I now actually relish the chance to get in a deep squat and show the boys how it’s done.  I’ve been offered help before and actually said “Thanks, but I’m okay. I’m not exactly a delicate flower.”

SO COOL!  So now I’m asking you…

When has your strength surprised you in an “everyday situation?”

Let me know below!

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