Note from Molly: Today’s post is by my buddy, Tony Gentilcore, who wants to share exactly how he has helped hundreds of women achieve their goals of nailing pull-ups and chin-ups. He’s also going to share some very exciting news withContinue reading

  Note from Molly: Today’s post is by my good friend, Jennifer Vogelgesang Blake, AKA JVB, who wants to share some important lessons she has learned since she started competing and coaching in powerlifting. She’s also going to share someContinue reading

  Note from Molly: I first met Lou in person 2012 at a Fitness Business Conference where he was a presenter, but it was not my first introduction to him as a fitness professional. The New Rules of Lifting seriesContinue reading

  Two of the most common goals when someone starts a fitness regimen are “burn fat” and “build strength.” And the most common reason for not reaching those goals: “I just don’t have time.”     I get it. LifeContinue reading

  Over the last 11 years, I’ve done every type of diet you can imagine.  I’ve done low carb, I’ve done high carb, I’ve eaten low fat, I’ve eaten low carb AND low-fat, I’ve tried carb cycling, I’ve tried “ifContinue reading

  So see what had happened was… That’s how every good, juicy story starts out, right? And this… this is a good, juicy story I guess, but with an extremely critical lesson. This lesson is something that I hope allContinue reading

(Note from Molly:  I am so excited to have another amazing guest blog on my website this week, this time from my girl Neghar Fonooni, Co-Founder of Girls Gone Strong.  Neghar and I met in 2011 and became fast friends.Continue reading

[Note from Molly:  If you follow my blog or my Facebook page regularly, you know that I’m a huge fan of having a positive body image, mindset, and perspective, and changing your body from a place of love, not hate.Continue reading

  Food epiphanies. Ever had one? I had one in third grade when I decided that I was so in love with broccoli that I wanted to marry it, but that’s neither here nor there (Update: I’ve since ditched broccoliContinue reading

It’s been a looooong 10 years. It was just over 10 years ago that I found myself at 19 years old, overweight and unhappy with how I looked and felt.  It was at that moment in February of 2004 thatContinue reading