Over the last 11 years, I’ve done every type of diet you can imagine.  I’ve done low carb, I’ve done high carb, I’ve eaten low fat, I’ve eaten low carb AND low-fat, I’ve tried carb cycling, I’ve tried “ifContinue reading

  Food epiphanies. Ever had one? I had one in third grade when I decided that I was so in love with broccoli that I wanted to marry it, but that’s neither here nor there (Update: I’ve since ditched broccoliContinue reading

After my first stint on The Fitcast with Kevin Larrabee where I briefly touched on being gluten free, I have received loads of questions about why I am gluten-free, how I realized I should go gluten-free, and what kinds ofContinue reading

“Molly, I am so frustrated.  I have lost a ton of weight over the last 14 months (80 lbs.) but now my body seems totally stuck. I still have some weight that I want to lose, and I am stillContinue reading

The holidays are upon us and that means for the next week or two we will be surrounded by friends, family, and tons of delicious and unhealthy food.  And if you know anything about me, you know that I’ll beContinue reading

So what happens when you decide that it’s fine to eat “sometimes” food all the time? For 8 weeks straight?  I can tell you one thing… it ain’t pretty!  As some of you may have gathered from some of myContinue reading

  “How many carbs should I eat per day to lose weight?” – Liz Pittman   Wow!  Major zingers two weeks in a row!  Last week Monique asked what she should be eating to be able to see her abs. Continue reading

“I always hear and KNOW “abs are made in the kitchen”… however I would like to know specifically what TO or NOT eat to get those abs. I’m down 70+ lbs but still carry a lot of belly fat. ThanksContinue reading

Today I have a wonderful guest post from one of my favorite people, Lucy Hendricks.  Lucy did a short internship under my business partner Jim Laird while she was in school, and is currently finishing up a longer, more in-depthContinue reading

One question I get asked constantly regarding nutrition is how to stay “on plan” while traveling.  While it can definitely be harder to stay on track with your nutrition while you are away from home…have no fear, it can beContinue reading