This week’s reader question deals with something most women can relate to, and that is struggling to stay on track with their nutrition and training sometime before or during their period.   Obviously every woman has different experiences in regardsContinue reading

Hi, my question: since having my 2nd baby (2.5 years ago) my rib cage still seems to be flared up, doesn’t lie flat down and seems to prevent my waist and tummy from getting flat – is there anything IContinue reading

  “How many carbs should I eat per day to lose weight?” – Liz Pittman   Wow!  Major zingers two weeks in a row!  Last week Monique asked what she should be eating to be able to see her abs. Continue reading

“I always hear and KNOW “abs are made in the kitchen”… however I would like to know specifically what TO or NOT eat to get those abs. I’m down 70+ lbs but still carry a lot of belly fat. ThanksContinue reading