“Molly, question for your blog. As someone who is addicted to exercise, how can you know when you are overtraining? I’ve read a lot about how overtraining can release stress hormones such as cortisol and actually be counter-productive!” – WesleyContinue reading

“Molly, I am so frustrated.  I have lost a ton of weight over the last 14 months (80 lbs.) but now my body seems totally stuck. I still have some weight that I want to lose, and I am stillContinue reading

“How do you gauge when you’re “too sick” to work out? Having the flu and that level of sick are no-brainers…but what about those days when you don’t feel good but you are still able to function reasonably well?” –Continue reading

With the holidays right around the corner (Holy Toledo! Christmas is in 11 days!)  everyone is hustling and bustling around trying to accomplish an inhuman amount of tasks in record time.  The last thing that any of us needs rightContinue reading

Hola my friends!  So earlier this week I wrote a blog post about having a terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad case of the “Eff-its.” You can check it out here.   You know the “Eff-its…”  When you don’t feel like doing anythingContinue reading

Ahhh the “eff-its…” I have to think we all get a case of these sometimes.  You know, the days, weeks, or months where you are so sick and tired of giving a damn about what you’re “supposed” to eat orContinue reading

As you all can probably tell from my some of my training sessions and some of my YouTube videos… I am NOT afraid of hard work.  I am NOT afraid to push myself to the limit and bust my assContinue reading

In the first three installments of this series found here,  here, and here, I discussed how it can be difficult to admit you’ve been wrong, especially when others count on you for rock-solid advice.  I also discuss how it’s important toContinue reading

What is a De-Load? Over the last month or so, during almost every workout I’ve done, I have hit PR’s (personal records) with my lifting meaning I am lifting a weight I have never lifted before, or lifting a weightContinue reading