Holy moly.  This past weekend was by far, one of the best of my entire life. In case you were hiding under a rock, we hosted a seminar at J&M last weekend called, “Train Like A Girl.”  It was aContinue reading

Hey everybodyyyyyyyy!  It’s FRIDAYYYYY!  And you know what that means, right?   A nice, relaxing weekend with no work…no responsibilities…just maxin’ and relaxin’!  Umm…OK who am I kidding?  I am headed out early this morning to hit up a FitnessContinue reading

 OK OK… so I am *little* late on this blog post (ahem like 3 weeks late) but in case you didn’t know, I’ve had a MAJOR case of the Eff-its lately and lucky for you, these lessons are classics!  SoContinue reading

So I just got back from the Diagnosis Fitness Seminar that the guys from IFAST put on this past weekend.  If you’re not familiar with the guys from IFAST, you should get familiar!  Mike Robertson and Bill Hartman run anContinue reading

DON’T READ THIS ARTICLE!  I repeat… Do NOT read this article.  Unless you want to get really freaking strong that is.   Josh Bryant of JoshStrength.com works with elite-level powerlifters, figure competitors, Olympic athletes, NCAA champsions and much more.  And heContinue reading

For the 3rd installment in my re-cap of the Learn to Train 4 Seminar, I am supposed to be re-capping Steve Pulcinella’s presentation.  If you don’t know Steve, he is the owner of Iron Sport Gym in Philadelphia, Pa.  HeContinue reading

As you’re probably sick of hearing by now, I was lucky enough to attend the EliteFTS Learn to Train Seminar the other weekend as a Coach for their mobility/rehab station.  Yes, I went there under the premise of coaching theContinue reading

If you read my previous two posts regarding the Learn to Train Seminar found here and here, you know it was AWESOME!  So much to be learned, so much to absorb, so many cool people to meet… if you haven’tContinue reading

Wow… what an absolute whirlwind!  If you caught my last blog post, you know that I spent my weekend at the EliteFTS Learn to Train Seminar in London, Ohio, and boy was it ever fantastic! I arrived in London onContinue reading

Alright guys… it’s been a while since I have done a blog post.  I am positively SLAMMED with projects… all extremely exciting, but all very time consuming.  Also, I know I promise you guys the 12 Basic Exercises You’re ProbablyContinue reading