Out of all of the things I talk about on this blog, from nutrition to training to sleep to wellness to stress management… there isn’t a single topic that resonates with me as much as body image.

I think it’s because I come from a long history of struggle to like myself, struggling to like my body, and struggling to be kind to myself and treat myself well.  While I am nowhere near perfect, and definitely never will be, I have come so far in this journey towards not just body acceptance, but body embracement.  I’m not just “accepting” my body these days.  I am embracing it and absolutely loving it.

Are there things that I would change if given the chance?  Yes.

Do I wallow around thinking about them all day and beating myself up because they aren’t perfect? Absolutely not.

And you shouldn’t either.

One thing I always talk about whether I’m counseling someone one-on-one or I’m speaking to a group of 100 people, is to be super conscious of your thoughts, and your self-talk.  People, especially women, talk to themselves in ways that they would never, ever talk to someone that they love.

My friend Kara Silva says, “Choose to talk to yourself like someone you deeply love.

I can totally, completely, absolutely, 100% get on board with that.

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